Joseph Raphael’s “Tea in the Orchard” to Feature at Bonhams’ Upcoming Auction


Joseph Raphael’s “Tea in the Orchard” to Feature at Bonhams’ Upcoming Auction

Joseph Raphael’s “Tea in the Orchard” will be featured at Bonhams’ upcoming auction, “California and Western Paintings and Sculpture” that will be held on August 6, 2019, in Los Angeles. The pre-auction estimate of this artwork is between US$ 400,000 – 600,000 and it will be presented in lot 21 at the auction.

This art piece has made its prior exhibits at The Art Institute of Chicago, Oakland Art Gallery, and at Irvine Museum, California Impressionists, to name a few. Being one of Joseph Raphel’s most sought-after art pieces, it has won accolades by and far. 

Joseph Raphael, who was a native of San Francisco, was trained in his career alongside Christian Jorgensen and Solly Walter. His early life includes being a newspaper illustrator and a sign painter. Raphael continued his artistic education abroad, saved money later to pursue studies in Paris, and later at San Francisco. Post marriage, Raphael’s children, garden, and home were most frequently written subjects. 

Raphael had the patronage of Albert M. Bender (1866-1941) who championed his work and actively brokered it through such firms as Helgesen Gallery on Sutter Street. Being a great patron of the arts, Bender faithfully spread Raphael’s reputation in the first quarter of the 20th-century.

According to the release shared by the auction house, “’Tea in the Orchard,’ is a significant painting in Raphael’s body of work. The artwork carries the stamp of the disparate artistic movements that influenced Raphael’s vision. Alternatively, the painting also draws tinges of central triangular dating back to the Renaissance. Those tree trunks on the left recede into nothing, forming a triangle. While the two young girls and the chair form the right side of the triangle, the tablecloth forms the base.”

Bonhams states that the subject matter of the artwork is “straight from the Impressionist playbook with the bright outdoor light.” Raphael has once himself compared the summer light in Belgium to painting in California. The artwork was also included to be a part of Raphael’s one-man show at the Oakland Art Gallery.

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