Saint Slumber wander through dreams in new music video—watch

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Saint Slumber are nowhere near sleeping ahead of their forthcoming EP. The band are teaming up with AP to share the radiant visuals for their latest single, “SLEEPTALK.”

Illuminated by a wall of lights, the band tell a complex story of dreams and nightmares through intense visuals.

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“SLEEPTALK” is the second track released off the band’s three-part debut EP, YOUTH//Trilogy. YOUTH//3 is the latest and final installment in the series.

Perfectly supporting their already whimsical complexion, the band cut between themselves and a mysterious woman, telling the story of a hard-to-grasp dream.

While the story told by the song is somewhat perplexing, the band say this is intentional to convey the confusion of sleep.

“We wanted to create a visual that mirrors the surreal feelings of being in a dream: hazy textures, otherworldly imagery, the jarring creepiness of seeing things where they aren’t supposed to be, the gentle ghosts of your past as they continue to tiptoe around in your mind,” the band say. “The ‘SLEEPTALK’ music video is particularly ambitious for us because we use characters, scenery and footage from past music videos to create an almost extended universe for all of the visuals in our YOUTH//Trilogy.” 

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The song itself doubles down on the concept of dreams. The band say this also relates to grief and remembering those we’ve lost.

“There are people in life you say goodbye to, and yet days, months or years later, they still find their way back into your dreams,” the band explain. “Wounds that feel healed get opened up again. You get overwhelmed with bittersweet feelings of nostalgia. For a second, you actually thought you saw them again. We wanted to write a song that wrestled with those conflicting feelings.”

YOUTH//3 is set to drop Aug. 16. You can presave and find details on the EP here. Check out the new video below.

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