Zorka Ságlová’s “Hay-Straw 50” at hunt kastner, Prague


Hunt kastner in Prague is presenting a tribute to Zorka Saglova on the 50th anniversary of the presentation of her iconic, and at the time controversial, installation “Hay-Straw” through August 23, 2019. The installation was shown at the exhibition, “Something Somewhere,” at Vaclav Špala Gallery in Prague in 1969.

As per the official release, the exhibition “Something Somewhere” put forward new ideas that was not traditionally realized in works of art but rather documented by things, and through things that still seem to have nothing to do with art. Featuring artists Jiři Kolař & Běla Kolařova, and Jan Sagl & Zorka Saglova, it showcased photo-documentation of some of the events and situations that have occurred, while drawing attention to others that may occur or are occurring regularly.

Here Zorka Saglova in “Hay Straw” exhibited yellow bales of straw and green alfalfa; in the other, brown-green hay. As described in the release, “The pressed bales kept rearranging, hay kept being piled and raked in many different ways, and thus, there was a constant, but subtle and artistically homogeneous change of the exhibited objects. Due to the looseness of the bales, hay and straw became scattered all over the rooms and mixed up, and here thus appeared material structures whose movement suggested possibilities that became typical for Saglova’s future works. Here, the accidental was indistinctly combined with prepared structure. On the one hand, the installation ‘Hay-Straw’ gave an avant-garde impression and shocked both the artistic layman and professional public, but, on the other (as we see especially after a lapse of time), it was a very poetic and, in fact, traditional work.”

This exhibition at hunt kastner, presents 16 black-and-white photographs taken by Jan Sagl throughout the exhibition (including the dernissage where the dissident rock group The Plastic People of the Universe played). The show as stated in the release, “holds no ambition to be a recreation of the event, which we feel in any case to be impossible to faithfully reenact, but more of a reminder of how things were and a tribute to an artist and her unique legacy.”

This exhibition is on view through August 23, 2019, at hunt kastner, Borivojova 85, 13000 Prague, Czech Republic. 

For details please visit: https://www.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/hunt-kastner-artworks/overview.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


Founder: Louise Blouin

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